The Waters of the Earth in all of her forms are in serious need of prayer and healing.

There is only a finite amount of water on this planet.
The same water that we use today was being used millions of years ago.
Never has the water been so abused.
We all must be more conscious and take care of our Water for the future generations.

This song was given to me by the water and was written upon my return from the 6th Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, in Lincoln City, OR 2009. This tribute was inspired by the heartfelt prayers of Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the late Corbin Harney and countless others around the world who are focused on healing the Water.
It has been my experience that any time this song is sung there is a transmission of great blessing and harmony for the singers, the audience and the elemental beings.

I hope many people will learn it and share it around the world to inspire gratitude and awareness for our Precious Water.

Inlakesh Festival

Inlakesh Festival

Please join me at Inlakesh for Opening Circle at 3 pm and a Choral workshop at 3:30 for Men and Women. Check out the website for more information.  

WomenSong Group Photo

We had a very busy and wonderful weekend at HarmonySue’s WomenSong Retreat. I enjoyed teaching the very willing women students. We sang for an intensive 5 x 3 hour sessions. We all were uplifted and our voices soared with the beauty of all of us singing together. Hopes are that it will become an annual […]

Music as a Healing Tool

Music as a Healing Tool

Dear Friends, Welcome to my new website created for me by the very talented Shanti Martin, who is my wonderful son. You can find my music here, track where you can join me for concerts or workshops, or invite me to join you in your community. I am so happy to have this new site, […]

Women Song

Women Song

Dear Community, Announcing a wonderful event for women this spring: WomenSong: A Retreat for Women in Three-Part Harmony May 27-29, 2016 Good Medicine Sanctuary Williams, Oregon ​Harmony Haynie, long-time choir member, choir director, vocal coach, and Williams resident; Windsong, beloved co-founder of the Good Medicine Sanctuary and world-renowned performing artist, song circle leader, and songstress; […]

Sacred Song Circle Series

Jan 2016 session finished. April – May Tues Eves 2016 6:30-8:30 pm Sacred Song Circle Series taught by Windsong Good Medicine Lodge Williams OR /

Earthday Event

April 23 or 24 2016 Earthday Event In Williams, OR TBA Family Event

Beloved Festival

Aug 12, 13, 14 2016 Tidewater, OR Beloved Festival Sacred Fire with Ohana and Team “Ceremonial Songs for a Women’s Life” workshop with Windsong